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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snowmobiles are Loud!

Monday, February 12, 2007

New Post

There is an open mic night here on wednesdays and I need to come up with some material to play for the show. Im thinking medleys. If anyone has a suggestion you think I should play, please enlighten me.
This week was busy. I went to (count it) 2 surprise b-day parties this weekend. I haven't been to a surprise birthday in as long as I can remember, because I can't remember. I had no idea that one of the parties was going to be a surprise party so it was kind of like a surprise party for me. Even though they were people I didn't know, and I was one of the people saying surprise. I still felt special. You know, its kind of weird yelling 'surprise' at a party when you do not know the person you are yelling surprise for. Or I guess I was yelling it at them. It kind of made me feel like a fake and yelling 'surprise' was one big fake-out.
I don't have anything important to write about. Nothing ever goes on here thats too exciting. The Northern Lights were supposed to be shining bright tonite, but now its cloudy. Stupid mo-fo clouds ruining my night.
Im going to Japan in 12 days which is pretty exciting. I have to start my itinerary sometime in the next 12 days. As well as get travel insurance and a fanny pack. I used to have this really rad Bart Simpson fanny pack back in the days where Simpsons merchandise saturated the market. Now, I don't even think they make that stuff anymore. It's probably because nobody thinks a shirt with Bart Simpson saying "Im Bart Simpson, Who the Hell are you?" is rebellious anymore. Ha. I once had a friend with that shirt in elementary school, but before he could wear it to school, his mom bleached out the 2 L's in hell and replaced them with "ck" so it said heck instead.
Snowmobiles are loud, and I made a movie about them.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Saturday Nights in Yellowknife!

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