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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Three Weeks

So Ive been here for three weeks now and its still humid. Or I could start this blog entry off like Billy Crystal in Throw Mama from the Train and say 'The night was moist."...but I don't support Billy Crystal anymore. Actually, I never have. Anne Ramsey stole the show in that movie and thats why I like it. But...Im getting off topic.

I went to Bali on the 25th with Peishan. Reminded me of Morocco with all the markets and people forcing you to buy crap by shoving it in you face. But the scenery makes up for it. Beautiful Rice Paddie fields (which I never really knew what they were until I saw them), mountains and beaches. Mind you, even though the beaches are long stretches of white sand, they are covered with litter and impoverished people trying to rent you an old beach chair to sit on for an hour.

The hotels were amazing....stocked mini-bars, private gardens...and all for ridiculously low prices. I guess thats why it makes one feel so guilty to exploit a weak dollar for lavish purposes. However, the over-indulgence of food and drink blocks out the guilt for the time spent there.

We took a tour of Bali with our trusted tour guide, Rudy. Rudy loves life. Rudy loves his wife. Rudy loves taking people around Bali all day for a nominal price, while making you stop at tourist traps to buy over-priced goods. This didn't bother me in the slightest....because i didn't really buy anything at these places (because I bought my shit at the markets where I good negotiate the prices for dirt cheap)...

Rudy took us to a restaurant overlooking Mount Batur...which is a volcano that is still spewing ashes. The point of mentioning this is what happened in the restaurant. The server, noticing that I look different, asked me where I come from. I told him Canada. He replies, oh like Bryan Adams. I say exactly. He pulls out my chair to sit me and waves his hand like a magician saying, "Everything I do, I do it for you." He waits 8 more seconds and points to the mountain in front of us and says, "Heaven". Wow. Not only is this guy describing his services, the scenery around me, but hes also talking to me on a cultural level that we can both understand. Oh if Bryan Adms only knew how his songs bring people together.

Watching television in one of the hotel rooms, I saw a commercial for Deal or No Deal - Indonesia. This blew my mind in thinking what denominations are actually in those cases because 1 Canadian Dollar is roughly 10000 Indonesian Rupiahs. So whats the highest case? Does it Contain 10 billion of one currency? (which would be million canadian dollars) I would lose my fucking mind if I won 10 billion of something, even knowing that its 1 million canadian.....the sheer number is too hard for my little mind to comprehend...therefore, I would lose it.

Peishan worked a sweet deal to rent a villa for one night which consisted of an entire villa with a private pool. It was incredible. We even ordered room service (vegetarian pizza mind you) to make us feel like royalty. Did I mention all the hotels had mini bars? With beer in them! beer! Needless to say, I rather enjoyed Bali, and probably for all the wrong reasons.

Im back in Singapore and ive done lots of stuff the past 10 days, but I don't feel like writing anymore right now.

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