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Monday, October 30, 2006

Pumpkin Carving Contest

There is a pumpkin carving contest tommorow @ work with a $75 cash prize.
I carved Stephen Harper.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I only made this vid to showcase my pants....

Saturday, October 28, 2006



Monday, October 23, 2006

On Friday night we went to a party at my future Boss's place. I got loaded, played with a filipino toddler for a bit, then a dog. I wish more toddlers were at parties. Kids are way more fun when you're drunk, so if I ever have kids, Im going to be loaded all the time so I enjoy there company more. No, Im kidding. Im not having kids.
On Saturday we saw Trailer Park Boys. Of course a flask of whisky was brought and poured inconspicuously into cups of cola, to enhance our viewing enjoyment.
After that, I went to a Bar called the Monkey Tree (I have a photo somewhere of it) and danced with 1 cougar and 2-16 year old girls in a group. I think they were 16. It was awkward. We were all dancing together and I think I was supposed to enjoy it, but I couldn't help but feel a little sheepish. But who cares, I was shitfaced.
I have gone 23 days today on my journey of successfully quitting smoking. Just felt like patting myself on the back for that one, and I might pat myself somewhere else tonight. On my head that is. I need to wash my hair because its greasy from the run I went on today. The run that I can now do because I don't smoke...yussss!

We went on a hike on Sunday with hot dogs. We cooked hot dogs over a fire and then we ate them.

"I wonder why Papa Shango became a wrestler...he had a thriving career as a doctor?"

We just got a landline. The number here is 867 920 7501, so if anyone feels like giving me a call, please do. Please.

El Debarge loves music...and Johnny 5.......and sunsets

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I don't have to say anything about this....

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yellowknife in Summer

This picture was taken from an aeroplane!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I Carved a Pumpkin Today

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Waterfall Daytrip

My Baba sent me a package the other day, but it wasn't through CanadaPost. It was through the Russian Mafia network, I think. Its weird. Some Polish guy named Tim came to my place and told me in a thick eastern european accent, "You baba send this to you," I asked him in response, "What?" He told me that my Baba knows a Russian lady who knows a Polish lady who knows Tims mother, who knows Tim in Yellowknife. I guess there is some Eastern european code that I don't know about, but I guess if you have a package that needs to be delivered and you're eastern european, then you have to pass it along the line until it finds its destination. The weird part is that the package was meats and cheeses, and when i got it the items were about 2 degrees celsius, so it was refridgerated. Those crazy Ruskies.
Friday was a wine drinking night. We drank three bottles of wine and then went to the Gold Range for beers. When you go to the Gold Range, you must expect crazy Bull Dykeish women to come and sit down beside you. Because this happens often. I can't remember her name, but she was about 40, dressed neck to toe in denim and had short hair spiked with what looked like Dep. Wicked. Her excuse for sitting down was, "Sorry, I have to sit down." She explained to us that she had worked in that bar for 18 years and then decided she needed a change, so she got a job at the other bar but she still frequents the bar that she used to work at. What a life, living the dream. I
We woke up early on Saturday to make way for a long trip. Since I got a new truck, we decided to make use out of it by going on a road trip. We headed out around 11 and stopped at a couple of places. The first stop was a little native community called Rae. A village of trailers for homes and pickup trucks. Its my kind of place. I bet the girsl there put out, but I didn't test that theory. I don't think they believe in teeth in a place like that. Who need em'. On the road we saw Bison. Lots of Bison. There was a 200 km stretch in the road with nothing but the occasional Bison. No services or driveways or even curves in the road. Just a 200 km stretch lined with trees and sometimes you would see...a Bison. We had to take a ferry to cross the Mackenzie River. Then we drove for another couple hours to find 2 really pretty waterfalls. But, since it took us so long to get there and that it was going to take us a while to get back, we only stayed there for an hour. On the drive back, we almost hit a stupid Bison off the side of road. Stupid Bison. We ate a tiny greasy spoon truck stop on the way back. The food was alright, but the best part about it was this baby that rolled around the restaurant in one of those walkers blowing bubbles and making farting sounds with its mouth. We couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably at it, and the baby loved the attention. The more we would laugh, the louder the farting sounds and the sloppier the bubbles would become. Little fucking comedian. It was also a bit weird that a baby was just rolling around the restaurant. We drank Manhattans when we got back and went to the Range again. Another lady sat with us. She was probably crazy. Everyone here is.
We are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner today in about an hour at Leannes apartment.

We had exactly 12 items in our basket at the grocery store today so we were allowed to go into the express line where 12 items or less are allowed. If we had one more item we wouldn't be allowed and if we tried, we would be refused service and be banned from the store for life. So its a good thing we counted our groceries before we entered the express line. Even if we got a pack of gum, that would make 13 items and we would be banned from the store for life. We need groceries to live. There are 2 other grocery stores, but I like that one. Its a good thing we counted our groceries. I wanted to get a French Press, but the store didn't have any. But if it did, that would make 13 items and we wouldn't be allowed to go into the express line. If we did go into the express line, we would violate the rules and be punished. Punished by banishment. Its a good thing they didn't have any French Presses. They enforce that you know. The 12 items or less rule. If you have less you are fine. If you have more, then oh brother. Wow. They certainly get mad. But not as mad as the person getting punished, because then they get banned and aren't allowed to buy groceries from that store EVER. That would not be good. Thats why I always always count my groceries before entering the express line, and if I have too many then I put the neccessary amount back so that I can follow the 12 or less rules. I could go to the other checkouts, but they aren't express. I need to get out as quick as possble, that why I like the express. I like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell express. But those express lines don't have a limit for how many pizzas or tacos you can purchase. But this express line does. And they don't let you have more than 12 items, but you can have 12. Twelve is the maximum, no more or you get banished for life from the store.

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