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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I got you Christopher Pike.....

You gotta love the pants I have on that only an autistic 40 year old would wear.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just for Kicks

Nothing is more rewarding to me than getting a good action shot of me kicking in the air. I don't know if its my obsession with David Lee Roth, or the fact that is really cool looking, but one things for certain, and that's that kicks in the air rock.

Regular Occurance

Isn't this the most beautiful thing you've ever seen in your life. Now that its warm outside, its a regular occurance seeing people passed out all over the city.

PS. Am I the only one that wants to eat cottage cheese after looking at this photo?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do you ever think when Hal Johnson's wife yells at him, he says, "Gee Joanna, you're being awfully Mc-LOUD!!"?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things to Do in Yellowknife

With the Summer months quickly approaching, we must take advantage of the much anticipated radiance before the season evades us. So I make a list of ideas for people like me and you to do on summer weekends in the great City of Yellowknife. Until winter comes and fists us.

1) Play kill the tree with the hatchet
"A cathartic blend of leatherface mixed with Daniel Stern from Bushwacked. A delightful treat for the young and wild at heart."

2) Ride a bike
"Live vicariously the life of the Fonz; like only Henry Winkler knows how."

3) Go to 50th Street and hang out
"4 parts goldrange, 3 parts gibberish, 1.5 parts Leisure Cafe, 4 parts corn whisky.....and a dash of crazy lady rubbing her breasts = 1 hell of a good time'

4) Have a BBQ
"Nothing says I love you like a sausage in a bun, but nothing says thats alot of sausage like..... 2 suasages in a bun"

5) Take Photographs of people and/or the landscape
"Some people take pictures because a photo is worth a thousand words. But not if your deaf, dumb and blind."
*On a side note; why did they throw in term 'dumb' with the blind and deaf card. Wasn't their condition bad enough that it didn't warrant being called stupid on top of it. And what if they were really smart inside. Like they were good at chess...but nobody would see it.....however, nobody would be able to teach them chess....nobody would be able to teach them anything. So, in essence, I guess they would be dumb.
**On a further side note: Forget what i just said.

6) Go for a run
"Enjoy the sunshine with a run around old town, and cool down with a walk around Niven Lake trail......Im Hal Johnson...and this is Bodybreak"

7) Search for Bears
"I like can find them at the li'bearie'...eating straw'bear'ies...listening to chuck 'bear'ie...really loud which is un'bear'able in a place where people are supposed to 'bear'ly make noise....its just em'bear'assin for the bear to bear all that rudeness"

8) Eat Bugs
"Eat Bugs"

9) Go boating
" Kayak is a type of boat. Kaya was the name of Willows wife. That kid in Willow floated down the river in a wicker basket kind of like a boat. Coincidence.......You tell me!!"

10) Stay inside and write lists on your computer while your roomate watches Deliverance in the next room and you can hear a crazy guy play the banjo, but can't really see it because your sitting around the corner typing.

11) Eat Cheese
"Got any cheese? - Jaleel White"

12) Play Tennis
"Tennis is good for the following reasons :
a) It keeps you strong
b) It keeps you smart
c) Its good for your body
d) Its good for your heart
e) You can hit stuff

13) Go camping
"Same reason as Number #1"

Sung in the style of an 80's rapper:
"So if your bored and got nothing to do
Just be the playa' don't be no fool
Grab yo' ticket and take a ride
so read the list and you'll do just fine

Yk activities is the song
Grab your friends and hum along
Camp, chop, eat...what a delight?
Kill that bear..Thats out of Site!!!!"

If you have read this have far too much time on your hands.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Long time no see

Hello blog. Nice to see you again. I know its been awhile, but i still love you blog. You know your the only one for me. You're my eternal blog. I know they have facebook and myspace which are all so tempting, but I only want you blog. You're my baby. You treat me right and I only neglect you. Well I promise, I won't be such a horrible man anymore. C'mon blog. Give me a second chance. I need you.

Well now that I got that out....

I haven't posted anything in a while because i think i was in a catatonic state for the past two months and Im just coming out of it. What have I been up to...lets see. Lots of outdoor activites going on...hiking, name it. Im yet to catch a fish...but I bought a really cool fishing rod with a disclaimer on the handle that says , "Warning, parts of this rod are deemed to be carcinogenic by the State of California." Isn't that wicked. And Canadian Tire just sells them...I wonder if that was Arnold's idea to put that disclaimer on. He probably told the company...'d'airs a bammb in dat rod....get down' they put on the disclaimer based on that. What am I even talking about.....

Ben might buy a house soon. Which will be wicked because then I will have a place to store my snowmobile (once I buy it). Then I can actually start my gang (which I have full intentions of actually doing, and im not just saying that to be funny because there is nothing funny about lying about starting a gang.) My nickname will be icepick and my symbol....will be a huskie. It will be nice to have a yard that I can fill up with boats and other machines.

If Ben buys a house, it will most likely be a trailer. And if Im going to be living in a trailer, I got to dress and act the part. I was thinking of acting like Bob from LaBamba..Richies wild, older brother. I would talk like him, drink Jack Daniels like him, get drunk and break down doors like him...Im really looking forward to this. But seriously...Im cooped up. Really cooped. Im really cooped up in this apartment.

I want to sleep. I haven't had a full nights sleep in months. I put a blanket over my window but i still wake up around 4 am like clockwork. And the light outside will only get worse...well, until solstice, which is in 2 weeks.

I play softball now. Im on a team. Fun.

I can't force myself to buy a digital drumkit like I said I was going to do before. They cost almost 4000 dollars and my brain tells me that Im an idiot if I spend that much on a piece of electronic equipment. However, Im an idiot most of the time, so I think I'll just buy it and deal with my scruples later.

Im bored with this post. But I need to get back into i keep this one as a practice.

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